Partnering with Government to Drive Electric Vehicle Adoption
July 2016

​The White House has released a new set of guiding principles intended to increase electric vehicle (EV) use and make charging infrastructure available to all Americans, including at households, workplaces, and public locations in communities and along travel corridors.

EEI and 25 of its member companies officially endorsed the principles, which aim to make it easy for EV drivers to charge their vehicles with energy grid-connected infrastructure that is accessible, affordable, available, and reliable.

As part of this initiative, EEI will work directly with its member companies and policymakers to:

  • Provide the charging infrastructure needed to scale electric transportation;
  • Develop measures that support the market while controlling costs and ensuring benefits are shared by all customers; and
  • Engage in direct outreach and education to customers.

Over the past year, EEI has worked closely with the U.S. Department of Energy to build collaboration among energy companies and the federal government on a wide range of activities aimed at promoting EVs.

EEI’s member companies are leading by example with a fleet electrification initiative that challenged companies to commit at least 5 percent of their fleet vehicle budgets to plug-in vehicles. The 5-percent target was quickly eclipsed, with EEI member companies spending 10 percent of their 2015 fleet vehicle budgets on EVs, increasing the amount of EVs in their fleets by 18 percent. For 2016, EEI member companies are on track to spend 13 percent of their fleet budgets on EVs. This represents a 40-percent increase in investments, from $90 million in 2015 to $128 million in 2016.