Everyday Hero
Pepco Photographer First on Scene of Maryland House Fire
August 2016

​Being a photographer for an electric power company is adventurous and has some fun challenges. One challenge is to visually tell the narrative of the industry’s commitment to deliver the safe, reliable, affordable and clean energy that powers America.

Father’s Day 2015 was, however, not an ordinary day for Pepco photographer Rick Giammaria. As he headed out to document storm restoration efforts from the previous evening’s weather, Giammaria noticed smoke billowing from a nearby residence. That’s when his Pepco safety training kicked in.

Rushing to the house, Giammaria knocked on the front door until a woman answered. She had no idea that her house was on fire and told Giammaria that there were eight people inside. Giammaria called 9-1-1 for assistance. By the time Giammaria reached the dispatcher, all of the people inside the house had gotten out safely.

Safety in the industry extends well beyond worker safety and health—it extends to the safety of the community as well.

Of the incident, Giammaria said, “I happened to be at the right place at the right time and was happy that everyone got out safely.”