Military Career Transitions to Energy Career
Georgia Power’s Matthew Ortiz, Veteran, Gets To Work
September 2016

The transition from a military career to civilian life can be challenging. But, Matthew Ortiz found a welcoming environment at Georgia Power—a subsidiary of Southern Company—where he leverages his military experience. Ortiz learned many skills in the military. “A few include teamwork, common sense, an open mind, as well as being coachable and paying attention to detail,” said Ortiz in a recent interview with Hispanic Career World Magazine. “These traits definitely prepared me for a rewarding career.”

Ortiz explored his post-military career options with the military’s Transition Assistance Program (TAP), which quickly pointed him to the Troops to Energy Jobs program. Troops to Energy Jobs is designed to help veterans make a successful transition to rewarding careers in the energy industry. “If it weren’t for this service [TAP], I would not have heard of the Troops to Energy Jobs program and the efforts [of] Georgia Power . . . to transition veterans into the civilian workforce,” Ortiz said.

Southern Company has a long history of supporting and hiring veterans, finding their military experience a valuable asset. “Many military veterans are immediately able to take on a very important role with the company,” said Tom Fanning, EEI’s Chairman and Chairman, President and CEO of Southern Company.  “Troops to Energy Jobs is an effective model to identify and to attract outstanding military personnel for potential careers in our industry.”

Ortiz enjoys his career as an apprentice lineworker for Georgia Power and appreciates that the company puts safety first. Most recently, Ortiz participated in power restoration efforts following Tropical Storm Hermine. When asked whether he would do it all again, he said, "Absolutely . . . It's my job, it's what I'm paid to do, and I enjoy doing the work.”

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