Analyzing the Data
Luminant’s Julie Thomas Digs Into Industry Data
September 2016

Julie Thomas is passionate about data. Big data, medium data, little data; it all matters when it comes to her position with Luminant as a manager of operations decisions support. Decision support managers are in charge of a computer-based information system that aids business or organizational decision-making activities. And, when it comes to making decisions that affect the business, detailed information is key.

As Luminant’s custodian of all the data for the wholesale electricity market in Texas, Thomas works to analyze production data, market data and even weather data. However, Thomas doesn’t have a background in data analysis. In fact, she has her Ph.D. in chemistry, and she considers herself a passionate project manager. But data is something she finds fascinating. “The data feeds into all the different areas of the enterprise...and I love turning it into actionable information,” she said.

Data supported decision-making has a key role in the transformation of the electric power industry. The fact is, the industry is undergoing a profound change, and electric companies are at the center of that change.

When asked what’s next for the industry, Thomas replies, “I’m really looking forward to the growth of renewables and how distributed generation is going to change the industry. The next 10-15 years are going to be fascinating.”
Decoding the data to arm her coworkers with the information they need to make decisions, and finding the tools and resources to get that job done—Thomas exemplifies one of the many unique roles an employee can play at an electric company.