Universal Solar In New Jersey
PSE&G Converts Landfills And Brownfields To Solar Sites
September 2016

​PSE&G knows its customers want clean energy. That’s one of the many reasons the company launched, Solar 4 All®, a program that has built 45 megawatts of universal solar projects on New Jersey landfills and brownfields, transforming them into new green sites for the generation of electricity.

The company’s investment in Solar 4 All® totals more than $550 million over the past seven years. The projects provide a substantial boost to New Jersey’s growing solar industry and a surge of new renewable energy, and create hundreds of new jobs.
Across New Jersey, PSE&G has returned 170 acres of landfills and brownfields to productive use, installing more than 150,000 solar panels at eight solar projects. There are also “dozens more candidates on the list for new solar systems,” says Courtney McCormick, Vice President of Renewables and Energy Solutions. One 54-acre project is even generating enough electricity to power 2,000 homes a year.
Brown is the new green in New Jersey, as PSE&G converts underused sites into new sources of safe, reliable, affordable, and clean energy for customers.
An original version of this story was published on PSE&G’s blog.