Reaching New Heights
PG&E’s David Granillo Serves His Community and His Country
October 2016

​David Granillo has always felt called to serve his community and his country. His grandfather and father, who were both lineworkers for PG&E, set an example for him at an early age. He recalls seeing his father go to work for 14 days straight, playing a critical role in restoration efforts after a major earthquake. 
Granillo joined the Army in June 2001. “I told them I wanted to join the military, but to do something that I wouldn’t be able to do in civilian life. They offered to train me as a paratrooper and I jumped at the chance,” he says without irony.
After three years serving abroad, Granillo decided to follow the family legacy, joining PG&E’s apprentice lineworkers program. Lineworkers use specialized equipment and training to install, maintain, and repair the transmission and distribution lines that deliver power to homes and businesses.
Keen awareness is critical for military personnel and lineworkers alike. “Stopping and observing your surroundings to make sure everything is safe will keep you alive,” he says.
As a lineworker and a paratrooper, Granillo is no stranger to great heights. In fact, he is still serves in the Army Reserves and spends many weekends leaping out of airplanes at 3,000 feet. 

Granillo says there is a connection among the ranks in both professions. “There is a tight close-knit brotherhood of lineworkers—not only PG&E but lineworkers from other utilities. We all do the same work, and that creates a bond. . . we watch each other’s backs no matter what.” 
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