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Going Green with Renewable Energy
March 2016

​The use of renewable energy sources to generate electricity is expected to almost quadruple between 2010 and 2040. Today, many energy companies are busy expanding their renewable portfolios.

Xcel Energy is the No. 1 utility wind provider, a position that the company has held for 11 consecutive years. Even though the company is currently the nation’s largest provider of wind by total megawatt capacity, Xcel Energy wants to expand renewable energy options for its customers. It aims to launch a new program in Minnesota called Renewable*Connect, which will offer customers energy from wind and solar resources.

Once in operation, Renewable*Connect will be one of the largest voluntary green power programs in the country. It builds on Xcel Energy’s existing WindSource program, which also gives customers the option to purchase more renewable energy. WindSource launched in 1998 and now operates in eight states.  The program celebrated its two billionth kilowatt-hour of renewable energy sold in Colorado in 2013. Only four other U.S. energy companies have reached this milestone in clean energy sales.

Xcel Energy is also part of a first-of-its-kind city/utility partnership to promote clean energy. Xcel Energy joined the city of Minneapolis and CenterPoint Energy in 2015 to help customers and the city achieve their climate and clean energy goals.

The collaboration resulted in Xcel Energy and the city designing a system that makes it easier for building owners to better understand, track, and report their energy usage. It’s called the Energy Data Accelerator and allows owners and building managers to access whole-building data, instead of having to collect billing information from tenants separately. The Department of Energy hopes to roll out this new efficiency tool to communities across the country.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) also is committed to renewables. The company announced in February that 30 percent of the power it delivers to customers comes from renewable energy. Wind power played a major role in helping PG&E reach this milestone. In 2014, wind accounted for 27 percent of PG&E's total eligible renewable resources, second only to solar at 32 percent. Like many other energy companies, PG&E hopes to play a leading role in America’s transition to clean energy and has committed to helping California achieve its ambitious goal of a 50 percent renewable power supply by 2050.

The electric power industry is committed to investing in renewable energy to meet both our customers’ and our planet’s needs.