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Idaho Power Invests In Smarter Energy Infrastructure
November 2016

Electric companies around the country are making significant investments in transmission and distribution systems to make the energy grid smarter, safer, cleaner, more dynamic, more reliable, and more secure for their customers.

As part of a 17-year replacement project, Idaho Power recently replaced underground cable on the side on Snowbank Mountain, north of Boise.

Approximately three and a half miles of existing cable that was buried in 1969 were replaced. Although the cable lasted longer than originally planned, the company is taking the initiative to replace it now to ensure reliability. The cable was de-energized during replacement, so two powerful generators were placed on top of the mountain to supply power 24/7 for nearby critical services.

“We supply power to the Federal Aviation Administration, as well as the Idaho State Police, so it’s crucial we have reliable power up there,” said project manager Adam Bucher.

“There are so many people behind closed doors who you don’t see with this kind of a project,” continued Bucher, “but it’s really the boots on the ground that are making reliability happen.”

This project is just one of several that Idaho Power is undertaking to ensure customers receive the safe, reliable, affordable, and responsible energy that they expect and need.