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Giving Back: Consumers Energy
November 2016

​For Consumers Energy, corporate social responsibility has been a priority that dates back to the company’s founding in 1886.

The company believes that, to create strong communities, it must demonstrate care for these communities. That commitment guides the company’s decisions and directs the actions.

Debra Hines, an employee with Consumers Energy, is the latest example of this commitment. Hines, a Senior Field Planner Analyst based out of Grand Rapids, has served on the board of Disability Advocates of Kent County (DAKC) for more than eight years. DAKC supports people with disabilities as they seek resources to live independently.

She became involved with the organization at the encouragement of her friend and colleague, Ira Hart. Hart, who passed away in 2013, was a person with paraplegia who lived and worked independently while using a wheelchair for his mobility.

“Making a quick stop at a convenience store was not quick for Ira, and sometimes an inconvenience. Hopping out of bed, taking a quick shower, and getting ready for work in an hour with no obstacles is a privilege. I realized that I was taking for granted what was a challenge for Ira,” said Hines.

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