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Mutual Assistance Is In Our DNA
Mississippi Power Father/Daughter Duo Provide Aid
November 2016

Mutual assistance is in the electric power industry’s DNA—and played a major role during the restoration and recovery efforts following Hurricane Matthew.

Father/daughter duo Wally and Allison Ladner both received text messages following Matthew’s impact on Georgia. They were to mobilize to Savannah to join the many Georgia Power frontline crew members who already were working around the clock to safely restore power as quickly as possible.
Storm response, especially in the electric power industry, is an “all hands on deck” activity. In one case, it was also a family affair.
Wally, a substation electrician, works in transmission with Mississippi Power. His daughter, Allison, is a student majoring in electrical engineering at Mississippi State University. She is working in distribution with Mississippi Power as a part of Southern Company’s Cooperative Education (Co-Op) Program. The Co-Op Program is designed to give hands-on experience to talented undergraduates in the areas of Engineering, Business, Finance, and Computer Science, and is an opportunity to put classroom theory into practice. Allison certainly got this opportunity following Matthew.
“I’m proud of her that she has chosen this as her field,” Wally said. “It’s been exciting to watch her learn and grow. This has been a tremendous opportunity for her.”
Allison said, “Being on this storm trip at this time in my co-op has been perfect because I better understand the lingo and I’m able to follow what’s going on.”
She was impressed by the precision team work in difficult, often dangerous, conditions “It’s amazing how we can stop one thing and go help somebody else,” she said. “I like the way they easily flow from one thing to another. I love it. How they work together is great.”
Throughout the recovery efforts, Georgia Power received assistance from Mississippi Power, Gulf Power, and Alabama Power, as well as other crews and contractors in the area as part of the mutual assistance program. In total, nearly 30,000 workers were dedicated to the Hurricane Matthew response and restoration process.
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