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Electrification Of Bucket Trucks
SCE Brings Electrification To Infrastructure Maintenance
November 2016

​Transportation electrification got a lift recently with Southern California Edison’s (SCE’s) investment in a new generation of environmentally friendly service trucks whose overhead lifts are powered by the same kind of batteries used in electric cars.

These “electric bucket trucks,” which are powered by a lithium-ion battery, allow troublemen to fully shut down the truck’s engine while work is being done. Traditionally, the hydraulic arm on a bucket truck requires the engine to be on during use. The use of battery power makes the trucks safer, quieter, more fuel efficient, and better for the environment.

“This purchase is part of SCE’s commitment to electric transportation, which is one facet of our overall vision for a modern energy grid that will support customer use of clean-energy technologies and help California meet its clean-energy goals,” said Laura Renger, SCE principal manager of Environmental Affairs and Compliance. “At SCE, we’re not just encouraging others to consider electric vehicles, we’re leading by example.” This year, SCE anticipates spending 20 percent of its annual fleet budget on plug-in electric vehicles.

In fact, the entire electric power industry is leading by example. In 2016 alone, electric companies plan to invest more than $124 million toward the industry’s fleet electrification initiative, adding plug-in electric bucket trucks and other plug-in technologies to their fleets. At the same time, there is an ever-increasing adoption of electric vehicles across the country, as more customers choose options that are clean, inexpensive to operate, and fun to drive.

Moving forward, SCE anticipates spending at least 15 percent of its annual fleet budget on plug-in electric vehicles. An original version of this story appeared on Inside Edison.