Coming To The Rescue
Entergy Arkansas Employee Helps Lost Boy
December 2016

​One man recently proved that community extends beyond where you live.

Caleb Fowler, a journeyman lineworker with Entergy Arkansas, and his travel team were returning to Arkansas after spending 11 long days on the road to help restore power following Hurricane Matthew. The crew had just traveled from Arkansas to Orlando to the Florence, South Carolina, area, a round trip of more than 3,500 miles.

On the last day of their trip, as the team headed to breakfast in their hotel, Fowler noticed a little boy exiting the elevator by himself. The boy appeared to be about three years old, lost, and afraid. Fowler, a father of four, took action. He got down on the boy’s level and began talking to him in a calm voice to let him know he was going to be okay.

Over the next hour, Fowler kept the boy safe. He entertained him by coloring with him and showing him photos on his cell phone. Until his parents, who had been searching for the boy in the hotel, showed up. It was a happy reunion.

“I am so proud of Caleb and his care, concern, and true leadership,” said Scott Williams, who served as both storm boss and safety coordinator for the Arkansas team.

Journeyman lineworkers are constantly looking out for each other. It is a part of the culture in a job that can demand long hours, and travel away from family, as well as work in difficult and dangerous conditions. They also look out for the community, no matter where they are. Fowler’s act completely embodies this commitment. 

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