Troubleshooter Helps Save Choking Woman
We Energies’ Brian Tabbert Assists in Lifesaving Measures
December 2016

​Brian Tabbert was on a routine call in Greenfield, Wisconsin, when he noticed a motorist frantically trying to stop other cars. Sensing that something wasn’t right, Brian stopped at the site to see if he could help. He encountered a woman, unconscious, choking on some food that had become lodged in her throat. Without thinking, Brian immediately administered the Heimlich maneuver.

“There wasn’t really any time to worry about anything,” he said. The lifesaving measures were not working. He checked the woman for a pulse, but could not find one. Fortunately two nurses also stopped and assisted him with CPR. As the Greenfield Fire Department arrived, the woman was awake and talking.

A highly skilled, diverse, and safety-focused workforce is critical to any industry’s success. This is especially true in the electric power industry where, each day, hundreds of thousands of dedicated men and women work to deliver the safe, reliable, affordable, and clean energy that powers our lives and runs our nation’s economy.

Safety is paramount at We Energies, and safety training includes basic First Aid measures such as CPR.

Brian’s efforts were recognized by Greenfield’s Fire Chief Jon Cohn, who said, “Brian’s willingness to stop, get involved and provide aid when family members were waving for help is appreciated and lifesaving. His actions will inspire others to get involved and help others.”

“I’m very proud of the work that Brian and his peers do on a daily basis to keep our customers safe and in service, but I’m even more proud of him for this lifesaving act of kindness to save a life,” said Dave Megna, vice president – system operations, at We Energies.

“It’s just the right thing to do, and I would expect anybody to do it for me or somebody I know,” said Tabbert.

An original version of this story was published on We Energies Blog.