Giving Back: Entergy
Uniting the Community
March 2017

​In 2016, Entergy employees and shareholders vowed to make their communities a better place. In the seven states where Entergy operates, a total of $2.6 million was raised for the United Way over the past year alone. These funds will be distributed to local United Way chapters throughout Entergy’s service territories in an effort to create stronger communities for all.

“Giving back is an integral part of Entergy’s mission to add value for all stakeholders – customers, owners, employees and communities,” said Patty Riddlebarger, Entergy’s director of corporate social responsibility. “Our support takes the form of charitable giving, volunteerism and community partnerships.
United Way is one of our most important community partners.”

This partnership has helped address many issues and problems that we face as a nation, including hunger, poverty, health and social services access, and education. Each year, Entergy employees campaign with United Way and for each dollar contributed by employees, Entergy’s shareholders will match.

One of the greatest efforts made in 2016 was in Louisiana following the August floods in the southeast region of the state.

“Almost 300 of our own employees were impacted by the floods, so this year the campaign really hit home,” said Riddlebarger. “No one knows what 2017 may bring, but thanks to the generous support of our employees and our shareholders, our communities will be better equipped to address future challenges.”

Each year Entergy looks to have an impact in its territories and without the funds from the 2015 campaign, many of Louisiana’s residents would not have received the assistance given during this natural disaster. Among many others, this is just one example of how Entergy looks to give back to the community.

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