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AEP Line Mechanics Awarded For Saving Child
April 2017

​Last June, AEP line mechanic Brandon Bradley was replacing a transformer in Kingsport, Tennessee, when he heard a loud crash nearby.

After immediately signaling for his crew, Bradley directed them toward the sound. Following the direction, Line Crew Supervisor Eddie Kilgore spotted a badly damaged SUV that had struck a city brush-grabber truck parked along the side of the road.

As Kilgore approached the scene, the frantic driver, who had removed herself from the vehicle, was screaming that her four-year-old daughter, Charlee, was still in the back seat. Bradley and fellow line mechanic Terry Roberts caught up to Kilgore and knew they had to act quickly.

With most of the vehicle’s damage occurring on Charlee’s side and the chains attached to the brush-grabber resting on her legs, it was clear that Charlee had been injured. The line crew members and a passerby were able to safely remove Charlee from the smoking SUV, but Kilgore knew Charlee’s injuries were severe and helped to keep her still until emergency personnel arrived.

Although she suffered multiple facial fractures, lacerations, and a broken arm, Charlee made a full recovery and formed a special bond with the crew. She even refers to Roberts as “PaPaw.”

In recognition of their valiant effort, Bradley, Kilgore, and Roberts were presented with the 2016 Other’s Keeper of the Year Award by Appalachian Power for safely removing Charlee from the vehicle and tending to her until medical personnel arrived on the scene.

“The crew could’ve easily looked the other way, but they didn’t,” said Appalachian Power vice president of distribution operations, Phil Wright. “They took the lead and their actions that day brought comfort to a hurt child and her distraught mother. I’m extremely proud to present them with this award.”

An original version of this story can be found on AEP’s website.