ITC Salutes Field Workers, the Unsung Heroes
May 2017

​Electricity touches every aspect of our daily lives, from charging a cell phone to powering a business. We expect power from the flip of a switch or the push of a button, but it is important to remember that behind each switch is a field crew who made it possible.
As the country’s largest independent electricity transmission company, ITC Holdings Corp. (ITC) relies on the talents of men and women who work in the field every day, building and maintaining its systems across its eight-state footprint.
“Years of planning, hundreds of people and thousands of miles. It all comes down to what happens in the field,” says ITC Field Supervisor Rob Angell.
Each day, hundreds of dedicated men and women work in the field to help make ITC’s vision of creating a 21st-century energy grid a reality.  The work is hard, uses dangerous, heavy equipment, and is often done in extreme weather conditions, such as blizzards and high winds, meaning that safety is paramount. Each project is unique, but the goal is always to safely, reliably, and efficiently deliver electricity to the customers.
“Each project starts with a safety meeting where we cover everything from safety gear to correct processes and procedures,” said Angell. “It’s also important that we look out for each other so we can complete each project safely and make sure that every member of the team gets home to their loved ones.”

ITC field team members take tremendous pride in building the energy grid. They know how important their role is for customers and our country.
“We know these towers and wires will be here long into the future, and it’s an honor to contribute to a quality system that will be relied upon for generations to come,” said Angell.
What Angell likes most is that every day is a new challenge.
“There’s no place I’d rather be than in the field.”