National Lineworker Appreciation Day
July 2017

​Today is National Lineworker Appreciation Day. National Lineworker Appreciation Day honors the life and work of Henry Miller, the first president of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), as well as the nation’s 74,000+ electrical lineworkers who often place themselves in harm’s way to serve their communities.

Lineworkers face challenging situations on a daily basis that require technical expertise and intense focus. Additionally, storms and other natural events cause lineworkers to be exposed to these circumstances in more dangerous work conditions.

“It takes hundreds of thousands of dedicated, hard-working people to maintain the energy grid in the United States, and our nation’s lineworkers are on the frontlines,” said EEI President Tom Kuhn. “Every day, lineworkers are installing new technologies to modernize the energy grid, and they are among the first responders when storms and natural disasters strike our communities.”

Please be sure to #ThankALineworker today for their continued efforts to keep the grid maintained and working efficiently.

Here are some highlights that demonstrate how lineworkers go above and beyond everyday:

AEP Line Mechanics Awarded for Saving Child
While working on a transformer in Kingsport, Tennessee AEP lineworkers Brandon Bradley, Eddie Kilgore, and Terry Roberts quickly responded to a nearby automobile crash. The crash had trapped a four-year-old girl within debris and injured her severely. With the help of other bystanders, the lineworkers were able to free the girl from the wreckage and keep her still until EMTs arrived.

PG&E Lineworker Tirelessly Serves His Community
In addition to taking care of his responsibilities as a lineworker for Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), Jeff Gomes of Orland, California volunteers his time at the local volunteer fire department. Because of his selflessness, Gomes was awarded the Jefferson Award for Public Service in Washington, D.C. which recognizes extraordinary public service at the national and local levels.

Duke Lineworkers Save Florida Man’s Life
After observing a man having a cardiac event, Duke lineworkers Justin Barr, Chris Damewood, Jesse Ginley, and Stephen Shaffer all jumped into action. By administering CPR, defibrillating the man, and contacting emergency personnel, the lineworkers were pivotal in sustaining the man until EMTs arrived at the scene – ultimately saving his life.