Partners: Tesla and Southern California Edison
Tesla and Southern California Edison: Reducing the Cost of New Technology & Increasing Clean Energy Nationwide
March 2016

​Today, clean energy comes from a number of sources, including wind and solar. However, these energy sources aren’t always available - the sun stops shining and the wind stops blowing.

In 2015, Southern California Edison (SCE), a California electric power company and a leader in renewable energy, started working with Tesla - a brand synonymous with high-tech electric cars - to solve this problem.

SCE now uses Tesla’s PowerPack—a large-scale rechargeable battery that stores energy—in energy storage initiatives for both residential and commercial customers. This partnership will reduce the cost of battery storage systems for customers, while expanding the nation’s use of clean and renewable power.

The partnership between SCE and Tesla is an exciting development, combining SCE’s history of implementing sustainable energy solutions with Tesla’s technological innovation.

Elon Musk Shares Stage With Edison International Chairman, President and CEO at 2015 EEI Convention

To discuss this and other partnership opportunities with energy companies, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Chief Technical Officer JB Straubel joined Edison International Chairman, President and CEO Ted Craver at the 2015 EEI Annual Convention. (Edison International is the parent company of SCE.) Musk noted:

Where the future is going for utilities is quite positive in the long term...How do we engage in a dialogue on how what Tesla is doing can be most useful to the utility industry? How do we build stationary storage technology to take things to a whole new level?

Beyond California: What to Expect from Tesla and Southern California Edison

If the use of the PowerPack proves effective for SCE’s residential and commercial customers, we may see it and the PowerWall (Tesla’s battery for home and small businesses) implemented across the country.

As leaders in clean energy ventures, Tesla and SCE can be expected to pioneer their innovative energy far beyond the Golden State.