Gulf Power Helping to Lead the Way in Energy Storage Systems
August 2017

​Pensacola will be the home of a new research and development project that will boast an innovative energy storage system. Owned by Georgia Power, the McCrary Battery Energy Storage Demonstration is a 250-kilowatt/ 1-megawatt-hour Tesla Powerpack lithium-ion industrial storage system that improves energy grid resiliency and helps industrial and commercial customers store and use energy on demand. Throughout development, a major goal of Gulf Power and its parent company, Southern Company, was and still is to deliver clean, safe, reliable, and affordable power to all customers.

“The goal of this demonstration is to help us provide commercial and industrial customers a blueprint for adding energy storage on their own site in the future, so they can have more control over reducing energy usage during peak energy times and store and use energy on demand to, potentially, reduce their energy bill,” said Gulf Power spokesperson Kimberly Blair.

During this two-year project, Gulf Power employees will gain experience in the use of live, on-demand battery storage – something that will be valuable in the months, years, and decades to come.

“The Southern Company energy storage research demonstrations were established to provide a technical foundation for future grid integration and use,” Blair said. “The company has long viewed the development of efficient, economic energy storage as a potential game-changer for renewables. In addition, this technology can result in increased reliability and reduced prices for customers.”

The system will be modular, and have the ability to expand without changing the interconnections, which will help future users save money. Equipment tests and other logistics will begin mid-summer. This project highlights Gulf Power and its commitment to renewable energy, new technologies, and customers.