What Makes Communities Smart?
Smart Buildings

Reduce energy waste and operational costs by measuring energy use, pinpointing operations and maintenance problems, automating lighting and thermostats, and tracking building performance.

Smart Street Lighting

Saves energy, lowers costs, and reduces maintenance—all while better serving citizens. Can also help reduce crime and makes parking lots and roadways safer through improved visibility.​

Smart Transportation
Integrates electrification and digitization with existing community systems to improve safety and mobility and provide greater access to community services. Includes automated and electric vehicles, EV charging infrastructure, and technologies that improve traffic flow.​​
Distributed Energy Resources

Distributed solar and wind, small natural gas units, electric vehicles, energy storage, and energy management technologies—all connected by the energy grid—are helping communities improve sustainability, efficiency, and reliability.​​

Data Analytics & Intelligent Services

By analyzing data generated by sensors and monitors, communities can monitor and manage energy use, pedestrian safety, traffic flows, air quality, and more. Intelligent services, such as interactive information kiosks and public Wi-Fi, offer residents greater connectivity and access to resources.​

Smart Communities Are Powered by Smart Connections

Smart communities use data and technology to help drive efficiencies, improve sustainability, spur economic development, and enhance the quality of life for their citizens. As the trend toward smart communities continues to grow, increased electrification and the integration of new and advanced technologies will create new opportunities for collaboration among electric companies, community leaders, universities, technology companies, other business partners, and customers to achieve these goals.​​​

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