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Monday, November 2, 2020
5:00 p.m. EST

Hurricane Zeta brought destructive high winds and heavy rains to parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia. As of 5:00 p.m. EST, approximately 144,900 electricity customers were without power in affected areas, down from a peak of nearly 3.1 million on Thursday.* Crews already have restored power to more than 95 percent of all impacted customers.

EEI member companies in Texas and Oklahoma also are making progress to restore power following an historic ice storm that caused catastrophic and widespread damage last week. As of 5:00 p.m. EST, approximately 146,700 electricity customers were without power in affected areas, down from a peak of 457,000 on Wednesday.* While long-duration ice storms cause extensive damage and create unique power-restoration challenges, nearly 68 percent of customers have been restored already

More than 23,000 workers from at least 29 states and Canada are working to restore power to customers impacted by Hurricane Zeta and the ice storm. Companies affected by the storms, and the crews assisting the restoration effort, will continue to work day and night to restore power safely and as quickly as possible.

Electric companies in the path of Hurricane Zeta and the ice storm prepositioned crews, resources, and equipment to respond to power outages. Industry and government are coordinating at the highest levels through the CEO-led Electricity Subsector Coordinating Council (ESCC) to ensure an effective and efficient response to both of these events. Earlier today, the ESCC issued a statement highlighting how impacted electric companies are working with their state and local election officials to understand their needs and support the timely recovery of designated voting locations.

We know that being without electricity creates hardships and is frustrating during ordinary times. We ask for, and greatly appreciate, our customers’ patience and understanding.

To ensure safety, customers should:

  • ​Stay away from standing water and downed or sagging power lines. Assume that all fallen wires and anything touching them are energized.
  • Never use a generator inside a home, garage, crawl space, or anywhere exhaust fumes can enter into enclosed spaces. Plug appliances directly into the generator; do not connect them to your home’s circuits.
  • Never place a burning candle near anything that could catch fire or leave one unattended. Extinguish candles before going to sleep.
  • Allow restoration workers and other first responders to do their jobs. Having roadways clogged with traffic will only impede restoration efforts.
  • Never approach crews, and please remember the importance of social distancing so our mission-essential workers can continue to work safely.


*It is important to remember that outages measure customer meters impacted, not the number of individuals without power. Due to the nature of Zeta and the ice storms, customers may have experienced more than one outage.

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