Master Contract Optional Product Provisions
Product Provisions for Use with the EEI Master Contract

ERCOT RUC Language

The following Amendments address ERCOT's planned assessment of hourly and day-ahead Reliability Unit Commitment "RUC" charges in the Nodal Market for firm physical deliveries which are scheduled after the relevant hourly or day-ahead deadline (the day-ahead RUC deadline is currently 2:30 pm).

The first document, Version 1.0 of the Amendment, clarifies that the scheduling time corresponds to the time in which the ERCOT runs the day-ahead and hourly RUC markets. The second document, Version 2.0 of the Amendment, contains a more defined scheduling timeline than Version 1.0 for transactions that must be scheduled in the HRUC. Under Version 2.0, transactions that are entered into in the first half of each hour must be scheduled by the next hour's HRUC deadline. For example, if the parties enter into a transaction at 8:15, they would need to schedule the transaction before the start of the first HRUC after 9 am.Transactions that are entered into during the second half of each hour (i.e., up to 30 minutes prior to the top of each hour) must be scheduled, not by the next hour's HRUC deadline, but rather by the one after that. For example, if the parties enter into a transaction at 8:45 instead of 8:15, they would need to schedule the transaction prior to the first HRUC after 10 am. Version 1.0 of the amendment has a more generalized HRUC scheduling deadline. Parties may find the more specific deadlines in Version 2.0 to be advantageous by comparison to Version 1.0. The third document is a redline showing the difference between Versions 1.0 and 2.0.

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"CAISO Energy"

An optional definition may be used with the Master Contract for transactions involving energy delivered at a California Delivery Point. This traded product is commonly known as "CAISO Energy." The following entities have agreed to use this definition: American Electric Power, Calpine, Constellation Power Source, Dynegy, Edison Mission Energy, El Paso Merchant Energy, Enron, Mirant, PG&E National Energy Group, Reliant Energy Services, Southern California Edison, Tractebel, and the Williams Companies.

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