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EEI Compliance Training Details
  • Each course consists of a series of lessons covering all aspects of the rules, a glossary of key terms, and a set of self-assessment questions to gauge retention of the concepts discussed. The system includes the option for re-testing if employees do not achieve a minimum quiz score. 
  • All employee training data is made available to company administrators through an easy-to-use administrative tool, where they can view quiz results, track progress, and import results into internal databases.
  • Training takes place in a secure online environment and all employee data is backed up every day. Company data is completely confidential. 
  • Employees receive a printable certificate recognizing completion of all required modules and quizzes.
  • There is no limit to the number of employees who can participate in training under a member company’s site license, and all subsidiary companies are covered by a single site license fee.
  • Companies participating in EEI’s training program are eligible for yearly renewal packages at a reduced fee. Courses can serve as a refresher for previously trained employees and as initial training for new employees. Employees can access the site and review the training materials as often as they like.
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