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EEI's Employment Test Batteries

​Federal regulations mandate that employment tests must be job-related. EEI’s employment test batteries are designed and validated for specific energy industry job families, including power plant operators, maintenance and craft positions, power dispatching positions, customer service representatives, and more.

  • Plant Operator Selection System (POSS): Used to help select employees for operator jobs in electric power plants (fossil, nuclear, and hydroelectric). Examples of jobs covered by POSS are power plant operator, control room operator, and nuclear reactor operator.
  • Power Plant Maintenance Positions Selection System (MASS): Used to help select employees for power plant maintenance positions in fossil, nuclear, and hydroelectric plants. Examples of jobs covered by MASS are mechanic, machinist, electrician, welder, and pipe fitter.
  • Construction and Skilled Trades Selection System (CAST): Used to help select employees for a wide variety of construction and skilled trade occupations. CAST is used for jobs in three general areas: transmission and distribution; facilities and equipment; and meter reader service and repair.
  • Technician Occupations Selection System (TECH): Used to help select employees for technician jobs that typically require an associate degree. Examples of jobs covered by TECH are laboratory, environmental or chemistry technician; distribution planning technician; communications or telecommunications technician; drafter; and estimator.
  • Systems Operator/Power Dispatching Positions Selection System (SO/PDII): Used to evaluate applicants for jobs in energy control centers such as system operator, system controller, and power dispatcher.
  • Meter Reader Aptitude Battery (MRAB): Used for those positions in which an employee would be required to read meters and record data.
  • Customer Service Representative Test Battery (CSR): A computer-based test that provides applicants with an interactive experience that “looks” like the job. Jobs covered by the CSR test battery include customer service representative, along with call and payment center representatives.
  • Support and Administrative Selection System (SASS): Used to help select employees for a wide range of administrative positions within an electric utility, such as Administrative Assistant and Clerk.
  • Career Assessment and Diagnostic Instrument (CADI): A valuable diagnostic and career planning tool that profiles an employee’s basic skills and abilities, occupational interests, and work style preferences. CADI is a cost-effective way for companies to provide employees with career planning and development guidance, something traditionally offered only to managerial employees.