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EEI Celebrates Engineers Week

There has never been a more exciting time to be an engineer in the electric power industry. The career opportunities for engineers are tremendous as energy technologies and systems advance and as more renewable resources, like solar and wind, are being integrated into the energy grid. Nearly every electric company relies on engineers with specialized experience and know-how. 

This week is Engineers Week, and EEI’s member companies are celebrating the many contributions made by engineers who not only keep the lights on, but keep our smart phones charged, our electric vehicles running, and our economy moving.

Engineers are essential in our industry. They develop new ways to improve systems, and they create more efficient ways to generate, transmit, and use energy. As our industry goes through an incredible transformation, engineers are the foundation for delivering the clean energy future that customers want and expect.

Engineering is about discovering, inventing, and constantly evolving. Engineers are at the forefront of discovering new technologies, and they are the first to put them into use as we evolve to a smarter energy grid and a cleaner energy future. Our industry’s engineers are adventurous, and they thrive on trying to find new ways of doing things.

In the engineering field, there are endless possibilities. To learn more about working as an engineer in the energy industry, click below to read about their job functions, educational requirements, and salary expectations.

Think you have what it takes to become an engineer in the electric power industry? Visit,​ hosted by the Center for Energy Workforce Development, to learn more about the career pathway to becoming an engineer.