EEI Celebrates National Clean Energy Week
EEI is a proud sponsor of this week’s National Clean Energy Week (NCEW). NCEW convenes policymakers, advocates, and the private sector to celebrate clean energy innovation and to address clean energy technological and political challenges.

Throughout the week, NCEW will feature virtual and in-person programs. During the virtual NCEW21 Policy Makers Symposium, attendees can listen to panels featuring energy industry leaders and experts and engage in networking opportunities. There also will be in-person NCEW events in Washington, D.C. To learn more, visit the NCEW website

EEI’s member companies are leading a clean energy transformation. Here are four facts about our industry’s clean energy transformation:

  1. Electric companies invest more than $120 billion each year, on average, to make the energy grid stronger, smarter, cleaner, more dynamic, and more secure; to diversify the nation’s energy mix; and to integrate new technologies that benefit customers.

  2. Carbon emissions from the U.S. power sector are at their lowest level in more than 40 years—and will continue to fall.

  3. Today, nearly 40 percent of the nation’s electricity comes from clean, carbon-free sources, including nuclear energy, hydropower, wind, and solar energy. 

  4. Electric companies are investing nearly $3 billion in customer programs and projects to deploy charging infrastructure and to accelerate electric transportation.