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National Lineworker Appreciation Day

Today is National Lineworker Appreciation Day, which honors the life and work of Henry Miller, the first president of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), as well as the nation’s nearly 75,000 electrical lineworkers who often place themselves in harm’s way to serve the communities and customers they serve.

Lineworkers face challenging situations on a daily basis that require technical expertise and intense focus. Additionally, power outages caused by storms and other natural events often require lineworkers to operate in hazardous conditions.

“It takes hundreds of thousands of dedicated, hard-working people to maintain the energy grid in the United States, and our nation’s lineworkers are on the frontlines,” said EEI President Tom Kuhn. “Every day, lineworkers are installing new technologies to modernize the energy grid, and they are among the first responders when storms and natural disasters strike our communities.”

Please be sure to #ThankALineworker today for their continued efforts to maintain the energy grid safely and efficiently.
Here are some highlights that demonstrate how lineworkers go above and beyond everyday:

Alliant Energy Lineworker and Smart Meter Come to the Rescue
Alliant Energy lineworker Alex Schwenke helped save a Rose Hill, Iowa, couple who was buried in rubble after their house exploded during heavy storms in May. Schwenke was dispatched to the house to investigate a 3:30 a.m. signal from the home’s smart meter. Upon arrival, he found that Paul and Sharon Jackson’s two-story home had collapsed. The couple, and their bed, had fallen into the basement. They were alive, but injured and buried under the wreckage. "We saw a flashlight and we started yelling," said Paul Jackson. It belonged to Schwenke, who called 911 and stayed at the scene to help fire crews rescue the Jacksons.

Florida Power & Light Linewokers Help Rescue Bobcat

Florida Power & Light crews recently helped rescue a bobcat that found itself on top of a power pole along Florida's Interstate 75. The bobcat was spotted atop the pole by a livestream news camera, and wildlife officials were called to the scene. Originally, the wildlife officials planned to wait for the animal to climb down on its own, but, eventually, FPL crews were called. The lineworkers to cut power to the pole and used a bucket truck to give the cat an encouraging nudge to get down off of the pole.

Saluting Service: EEI Honors Puerto Rico Power Restoration Workers
Lineworkers are celebrated each day for their heroics and their brave work. Last year, EEI paid tribute to the men and women involved in the industry’s effort to restore power to the people of Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. Nearly 3,000 lineworkers and support personnel from EEI member companies across the country spent months away from their homes and families to work long days, nights, and holidays to support their fellow citizens. This video highlights the challenges they faced and the courage, ingenuity, and determination with which they overcame those obstacles to restore power to the people of Puerto Rico.

Are you interested in becoming a lineworker?

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