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May/June 2020

The one-two blow of the global pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis has severely impacted our nation. EEI’s member companies are committed to serving our customers and our communities in good times and bad, and this crisis has only reinforced the value of electricity in our society. 

The extraordinarily talented and hard-working men and women of our industry are an inspiration. Their tireless efforts—often amid difficult circumstances and personal hardships—demonstrate the strength of our commitment to customers. Together, they display our determination in the face of any challenge to provide reliable and affordable energy. Thanks to them, EEI’s member companies are powering through this crisis together.​

EEI’s member companies are powering through this crisis together.​

Tom Kuhn
President, EEI
Leading the Charge: Electric Companies Answer the COVID-19 Challenge

As the COVID-19, or coronavirus, pandemic began to take hold across the United States in March, investor-owned electric companies were on high alert. This pandemic—the worst in a century—is unique and unlike the cyberattacks and weather-related disasters that EEI member companies regularly train for and confront. So, the industry’s response had to be tailored to events as they unfolded.​

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Community Giving Showcase
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, EEI’s member companies have been a bedrock of support for their customers and communities in need.
As of June 8, EEI member companies have donated nearly $70 million to charities and community organizations for COVID-19 relief and other urgent needs. They also continue to contribute vast supplies of personal protective equipment and other critical materials to health care workers and first responders; support employees who volunteer their time to help meet community needs; and provide relief for customers—including low-income families and small businesses—who are struggling financially.​
EEI: Thank You to Workers
AES: Supporting Food Security During COVID-19
Central Hudson: Supporting Residents and Businesses
Con Edison: Shielding Our Health Care Heroes
Duquesne Light Company: Thank You to DLC Employees
FPL: Here to Help
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CEO Perspectives

Industry in Action: EP Speaks With ESCC Co-Chair Tom Fanning

"In response to demand signals from across the country, the Electricity Subsector Coordinating Council (ESCC) quickly mobilized and established strategic working groups, which we have been calling the tiger teams or the plus one group, dedicated to identifying and solving for issues facing the industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.​"

Real Progress: EP Speaks with Outgoing EEI Chairman Chris Crane

“Our workers—both at Exelon and throughout the industry—have, quite simply, kept the lights on and the natural gas flowing throughout the pandemic. That is what they do, and I am so proud to be associated with them. Our companies plan and drill for disaster response on a routine basis. Although this pandemic is not like anything we’ve ever seen before, we moved smoothly into crisis response.”​

Powering Change
EEI EVP Brian Wolff: Amplifying Our Commitment to Customers
Effort, Message, Guidance
​Working to Unify an Industry

International Perspectives
The World’s Electric Companies Mobilize Against COVID-19
Security Matters
Working Together to Address Wildfire Risks
The Wider World
Speaking Out Against Racial Intolerance, Labor-Management Partnerships, Edison Award Finalists, and More
EEI EVP Phil Moeller: Smart Regulations Will Help Mitigate COVID-19

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