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Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company Awarded EEI’s 2013 Edison Award
​SAN FRANCISCO (Monday, June 10, 2013) - Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company (OG&E) today received Edison Electric Institute’s (EEI’s) 2013 Edison Award, the electric power industry’s most prestigious honor, for the company’s highly successful implementation of its innovative SmartHours program.

“OG&E is being recognized for its distinguished leadership, innovation and progress in advancing smart technologies to power the future,” EEI President Tom Kuhn said. A panel of former electric company chief executives selected Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company for the 86th annual award from a group of distinguished finalists.

By using smart grid technology and involving its customers — along with adding wind, new transmission and demand-side management — OG&E will delay the need to build a new fossil fuel power plant and also reach its 2020 goal of achieving more than 200 megawatts of annual peak-load reduction. “OG&E is executing its vision of a more energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable future enabled by technology,” Kuhn added.

The company installed more than 823,000 smart meters throughout its service area and exceeded its targets by enrolling more than 44,000 customers in its SmartHours program — achieving a collective 72 megawatts of load reduction on peak-use days. SmartHours is a voluntary program that offers OG&E customers a free programmable communicating thermostat (PCT) and a variable price plan with significantly reduced off-peak pricing and variable peak pricing during summer months.

Knowing that customers would be an important partner in achieving the 2020 plan goal, OG&E focused on putting them in control of their electricity use. The company communicated to its customers with a significant educational campaign that allowed them to better understand smart energy consumption and how to monitor their energy usage and costs. The result: 99 percent of Oklahoma customers in the program saved, on average, $191 per year on their electricity bills.

 “It took a lot of hard work and diligence to enroll customers into the SmartHours program and to deploy such a large number of smart meters, but OG&E knew that the benefits of doing so would be immeasurable. OG&E’s remarkable accomplishments demonstrate that our industry is dedicated to innovation, reliability and efficiency. The company is truly worthy of this distinguished industry award,” Kuhn emphasized.
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