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UK Power Networks Wins EEI’s 2019 International Edison Award

PHILADELPHIA (June 10, 2019) – UK Power Networks today received the Edison Electric Institute’s (EEI’s) 2019 International Edison Award, the electric power industry’s most prestigious honor. A panel of former energy company chief executives selected UK Power Networks for the annual award from a group of distinguished finalists. 

UK Power Networks is leading Great Britain’s clean energy transition by investing in smart grid and other innovative energy grid technologies. These investments in smarter energy infrastructure have saved customers $195 million since 2015, and have facilitated the country’s ability to lower its carbon emissions. 

“UK Power Networks is integrating technology and industry innovation to transform the energy grid to meet the needs of current and future customers and stakeholders,” said EEI President Tom Kuhn. “Energy grids are transforming around the globe at an unprecedented pace in response to climate change and evolving customer preferences. As UK Power Networks has demonstrated, actively listening to, and engaging with, customers is vital to realize the benefits of transformative energy solutions.”

“Great Britain is in the midst of a once-in-a-generation change as significant for the electricity industry as the advent of broadband was for communications,” said Sul Alli, Director of Safety, Strategy and Support Services for UK Power Networks. “We are putting in place a future ready grid for a low-carbon world, by listening to what our customers need, innovating and using technology to enable those needs and ultimately collaborating across the energy industry to achieve the energy transition. Whether it’s studying when and where London taxi drivers charge their new electric vehicles or advising community groups how to best start generating and storing their own power, UK Power Networks is leading the way in future challenges.” 

By listening to energy retailers and taking a customer-centric approach to its work, UK Power Networks is leading the way to the future with an energy grid that is smarter, cleaner, stronger, and more secure. 

“Congratulations to the outstanding team at UK Power Networks for their terrific achievement in earning the 2019 International Edison Award,” said Kuhn. 

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