Typical Bills and Average Rates Report - Summer 2020
Analyze electricity costs throughout the country with the Typical Bills and Average Rates Report. Based upon comprehensive, industry-wide surveys, this semi-annual report presents typical monthly electric bills and average kilowatthour costs to the customer as charged by shareholder-owned utilities.
Use this data to compare the price of electricity by customer type, state, region, company, year, fuel clause adjustment, state average of listed companies or state average of all companies. In addition, rates for some international utilities also are included.
The unbundled data in this report includes rates broken out by generation, transmission, and delivery service for many companies that operate in states open to electric competition.
This widely-used reference provides:
  • Typical bills data for 18 demand and consumption levels across the three standard classes of service;
  • Average revenue (or cost) per kilowatthour for each class and the total ultimate customer (total retail) class;
  • Utility, state, regional and national averages for each consumption level;
  • Easy-to-read tables arranged by company;
  • Unbundled bills and rates for unbundled companies; andListings of participating companies by region and state.
Typical Bills is updated twice a year, keeping it always current. Winter edition data is based on January 1 rates; published in April. Summer edition data is based on July 1 rates; published in October. Available three months after the billing day reported, each edition provides the most current data available.
Re-published May 2021
Note- Publication only available digitally.

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