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October 2021

EEI International Insights: Enabling the Clean Energy Future

During COP26, political leaders will reaffirm their commitments to addressing global climate change. As a key partner in meeting this challenge, electric companies around the world already have announced their own clean energy targets and goals for carbon emission reductions. This article features highlights from a conversation with top leaders from AES, Enel, Iberdrola, and Ørsted about how their companies are enabling the clean energy future.

December 2020

EEI International Insights: Electric Companies Are Advancing Electric Transportation

Electric companies are playing a key role in the transition to electric transportation as cities and companies prioritize electrification within their climate commitments. By encouraging the adoption of personal EVs, investing in mass transit electrification, and electrifying vehicle fleets, electric companies continue to reduce their carbon emissions and invest in the clean transportation system of the future.


december 2021

Global Approaches to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Globally, electric companies are ramping up their DE&I efforts and driving change in the energy sector. Electric companies are creating and implementing holistic approaches to DE&I, recognizing the value that diversity can bring to their workforce, customers, and stakeholders, including how different perspectives can increase innovation for the clean energy transition. 

In this casebook, ten international electric companies share their approaches to DE&I and how they are leading in the DE&I space through an exploration of their overall strategies, initiatives to connect with the local communities they serve, and actions to create inclusive workplaces.


Global Emerging Energy Solutions for Customers

EEI's international members are innovating to enhance the customer experience. The electric companies included in this casebook represent seven countries in five regions, with case studies demonstrating the diversity of approaches that EEI members are employing to meet fast-changing customer preferences across four key areas:

  • Energy delivery
  • Smart home energy management
  • Transportation electrification
  • Customer engagement and billing

October 2020

2020 International Edison Award

Each year, Edison Electric Institute (EEI) presents the Edison Award to U.S. and international member companies. The award honors distinguished leadership, innovation, and contribution to the advancement of the electric industry, with a panel of former energy industry executives selecting the winners. It is the electric power industry’s most prestigious honor.

In 2020, eight international members were nominated for the Edison Award. This booklet highlights the projects of the two winners, as well as each of the international nominees’ impressive work to continue driving innovation in the electric power industry.

December 2019

International Energy Storage Trends and Key Issues

This factsheet presents global trends in grid-scale energy storage and highlights storage projects from EEI members across the world.


A Conversation on Repairing the World with Dr. Richard Haass

January 2021 - EEI speaks with Dr. Richard Haass about the new Biden presidency and what it could mean for foreign policy, climate change, global health and economic recovery, and international relations.

A Conversation on the Psychology of Pandemics with Dr. Steven Taylor

January 2021 - Dr. Steven Taylor shares his insights on how we can better manage our behaviors, emotions, and actions through the current health crisis, and other future crises.

A Conversation on the Ages of Globalization With Dr. Jeffrey Sachs

December 2020 - EEI speaks with Dr. Jeffrey D. Sachs, renowned economist and expert on sustainable development, about his latest book, "The Ages of Globalization"