Industry Employment Testing - The EEI Employment Testing Consortium

EEI's Employment Testing Department provides member companies with employment tests that are validated specifically for job families within the energy industry. Most EEI tests have multiple test delivery options (e.g., paper, computer, and testing center) to provide maximum flexibility to meet different companies’ test administration needs. EEI tests are among the most effective means of selecting qualified employees, which leads to a high-performance workforce and a pipeline of qualified employees who are able to progress to increasingly complex jobs.

When you join EEI’s Testing Consortium, you gain access to much more than the tests. Through the Consortium, EEI becomes your human resources partner on all issues related to employee selection, providing day-to-day consultation along with training, technical support, and legal assistance. Our customer service and support cannot be matched by any other test publisher. In addition, through the Consortium you gain instant access to a network of industry peers who can provide invaluable benchmarking and advice because they are facing the same HR challenges you are facing.

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EEI's Employment Test Batteries

Federal regulations mandate that employment tests must be job-related. EEI’s employment test batteries are designed and validated for specific energy industry job families, including power plant operators, maintenance and craft positions, power dispatching positions, customer service representatives, and more.

Test Battery Descriptions

Are you an applicant looking for information on an EEI Employment Test?

EEI does not administer any of its employment tests directly to applicants. If you are interested in a position with an electric company, please contact the company directly for job and pre-employment testing information. If you have previously taken an EEI employment test and are looking for your results, please understand that EEI does not provide results directly to applicants....

If you have applied for a position with a company that requires an EEI test that you have already taken elsewhere, please be sure to notify the company to which you are applying. If the company has any questions, they should contact Kimberlee Sherman, Manager, Administration,

EEI Compliance Training

Training is an important part of every electric company’s regulatory compliance program. To help member companies in their compliance efforts, EEI has partnered with compliance experts at McGuire Woods LLP to develop convenient, standardized online training materials for employees.

EEI’s training courses explain difficult concepts in clear, concise language. Most employees can complete each course in less than one hour. Participants will gain an understanding of the basic application of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and antitrust enforcement agencies’ rules and standards.

  • Each course consists of a series of lessons covering all aspects of the rules, a glossary of key terms, and a set of self-assessment questions to gauge retention of the concepts discussed. The system includes the option for re-testing if employees do not achieve a minimum quiz score.
  • All employee training data is made available to company administrators through an easy-to-use administrative tool, where they can view quiz results, track progress, and import results into internal databases.
  • Training takes place in a secure online environment and all employee data is backed up every day. Company data is completely confidential.
  • Employees receive a printable certificate recognizing completion of all required modules and quizzes.
  • There is no limit to the number of employees who can participate in training under a member company’s site license, and all subsidiary companies are covered by a single site license fee.
  • Companies participating in EEI’s training program are eligible for yearly renewal packages at a reduced fee. Courses can serve as a refresher for previously trained employees and as initial training for new employees. Employees can access the site and review the training materials as often as they like.
For more information on EEI Compliance Training contact Vickie Calderon at