Business Diversity Program

For more than four decades, EEI's Business (formerly Supplier Diversity) Diversity Program has created opportunities for diverse businesses to take part in the growth of the energy industry. EEI and its members aim to establish long-term relationships with diverse suppliers who provide products and services that help our industry succeed in a highly competitive environment.  EEI's membership continue to build close alliances with diverse suppliers, knowing that a business practice today will impact business development tomorrow. 

Our mission is to provide guidance and leadership to members using a dynamic 360º vision, managing a myriad of needs and sustaining full industry alignment in a changing business environment.

Why is Business/Supplier Diversity Important?
A common misconception is that diversity is a quota system or social program designed to benefit selected groups while adding little to no value to the bottom-line. The fact is that a competitive advantage exists, as progressive organizations who have already implemented an effective strategy have realized.  Supplier diversity is beneficial to all stakeholders, not just to the companies with programs.  Supplier diversity programming adds economic value because it encourages the growth of diverse businesses. Since most diverse businesses are small businesses, they aide in the economic recovery and sustainability of their communities. 
The Commitment to Supplier Diversity benefits the energy industry because it:
- Promotes innovation through the entrance of new products, services, and solutions
- Provides multiple channels to procure goods and services
- Showcases a company’s commitment to the economic growth of all communities  

Whether you're a supplier looking for customers, or a customer looking for a supplier, EEI's Annual Business (Supplier) Diversity Conference is a must-attend event. The conference includes case studies, industry speakers, and business networking opportunities. All energy, primes and diverse business owners are invited to participate in this energy-specific conference.