Entergy’s ERGs Are Paving the Way

EEI Member Company Entergy
Program Location New Orleans, , LA
Industry DEI Goals

Establish stronger community connections

Project Description

 At Entergy, diversity, inclusion and belonging (DIB) is not a separate initiative, or a program delegated to our human resources organization, but a core part of our strategy. The personnel committee of our board of directors has direct oversight and engagement with our DIB strategy, and we report on Entergy’s DIB performance at every board meeting.

We believe healthy organizations value and use the full power of employees’ diverse experiences and perspectives and actively work to create avenues to do so. Our employee resource groups are employee-led groups that provide opportunities to connect with others who share similar interests and backgrounds. ERGs give groups of employees a voice to make a difference and are pathways through which employees can engage in the business, network, grow and develop together. Entergy has eight employee resource groups that comprise 2,400 members:

  • Administrative ERG (A.D.M.I.N.)
  • Pride ERG
  • Generational ERG
  • Veterans ERG
  • Women’s ERG
  • Multicultural ERG
  • Leadership ERG
  • Trade/Craft/Shift ERG

Each ERG chair, the vice president of diversity and workforce strategies and the manager of diversity operations are all members of the ERG steering committee. This committee has ERG oversight and is given yearly goals that align with overall company goals. These goals and their alignment are reported to the CHRO, and in turn, reported to the company's board of directors. ERG accomplishments directly impact overall company and HR goals.

Each of the ERGs has an executive sponsor who is instrumental in their success. The executive sponsors not only participated in events but also took the lessons learned to implement new programs and initiatives at the company. The senior leaders in the office of the chief executives are the executive sponsors, and they believe in the work our ERGs are doing. They provide support through funding, access to leadership meetings, opportunities for the ERG leaders to present topics during staff meetings, and time during the workday to host meetings and project discovery. Entergy has also created a dedicated role/manager within HR to be the direct link between the ERGs and upper management. This manager reports progress on goals directly to the vice president of diversity and workforce strategies and or chief human resources officer and has incentive goals aligned with ERG goals.

Entergy tracks and measures its impact or results on the organization’s DIB goals by using employee surveys, scorecards and dashboards. The dedicated reporting and analytics team routinely collects and reports DIB analytics to ensure visibility into trends and early identification of issues. Our human resources policies, programs, compensation and benefits are regularly benchmarked to ensure alignment with the market. They are also subject to internal and external audits to validate compliance with laws and regulations.

During 2021, our company wanted to encourage meaningful conversations on race, gender, ethnicity and other topics. The ERGs were tasked with hosting and facilitating these meaningful conversations with the goal of providing an open platform and to provide the psychological safety needed to have honest dialogue. In 2021, Entergy paved the foundation for employees to understand the important role employees play through ERG membership.

Entergy utilizes the ERGs to teach the basics and show Entergy’s definitions of diversity, inclusion and belonging in action. The ERGs also intentionally collaborate with other groups within our diversity ecosystem to expand our reach to more employee segments. Entergy has five employee expectations that the ERGs follow and are encouraged to create projects that support each of our stakeholders. These expectations are: make customers more successful; innovate and continuously improve; collaborate and share knowledge; be accountable for results; and recognize and reward outcomes. Through these expectations, the ERGs are providing employees with the pathway to utilize their collective voice to drive innovation, attract the best and brightest, develop ways of retaining our talent, build a fruitful pipeline, and create a positive culture of inclusion and belonging. Each of our projects has resulted in exceptional employee feedback, a greater sense of belonging and inclusion, and employee awareness.

A few of our more notable projects and actions were as follows:

Make customers more successful

  • To support the need for technology-related skills, Entergy was the lead sponsor and multiple ERGs were active participants in Black Tech NOLA 2022, the inclusive innovation conference of the New Orleans Black Tech Collective.
  • To support local Louisiana Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the Women’s ERG partnered with a women in business group networking event to develop women and people of color during their Business Week class.
  • Members of multiple ERGs participated in Jump Start, a formal Intern and co-op program that provides students an opportunity to maximize their work experience at Entergy and create a pathway for possible full-time employment.
  • Members of multiple ERGs forged partnerships with local universities and technical colleges to help attracting more women and people of color to STEM and technical jobs by hosting mock interviews, networking events, EEI testing prep and internship opportunities.
  • The Pride ERG held membership meetings to discuss LGBTQ+ advocacy efforts in our communities and supporting LGBTQ+ businesses within Entergy’s service territory.

Innovate and continuously improve

  • The A.D.M.I.N. ERG collaborated with our intelligent automation team to create an updated technology error reporting system. The project was called the Employee Support Center Chat Test/Pilot Team Survey. Once testing was completed, the support center bot went live company-wide, improving incident response time, communication and issue resolution. This initiative allowed for an increase in case resolution and quicker troubleshooting.
  • The Leadership ERG also hosted employee training sessions with leaders from our continuous improvement/change management organization on high performance leadership in a hybrid work environment and on career and personal development.
  • The Leadership ERG hosted training and facilitated open dialogue on high performance leadership in a hybrid work environments, career and personal development.

Collaborate and share knowledge

  • The Women’s ERG, along with our Women in Nuclear chapter, created a cross-business unit mentoring program to pair 110 staff and senior level managers together to collaborate and share knowledge, network and grow their careers creating a path to success and business improvement. Participants walked away with a larger peer network and new work relationships.
  • The A.D.M.I.N. ERG created monthly Coffee Talk sessions centered on the expansion of diversity, inclusion and belonging education. These sessions leveraged the diversity ecosystem to have authentic and honest conversations with employees. This led to a 30% increase in ERG membership across the board.
  • The Generational ERG hosted the Active Shooter and Situational Awareness webcast in effort to educate and prepare employees in the event of an incident based on the nation’s current climate. This was a heavily viewed webcast that received stellar employee feedback.
  • Each ERG sends representatives to new employee orientation to help educate new employees about Entergy’s ERG offerings.
  • The Pride ERG promoted free safe zone/LGBTQ+ inclusion training opportunities companywide through a partnership with Out & Equal and a Diversity Reboot Series: Pride at Work.
  • The Pride ERG supported LGBTQ+/Ally Health Providers in-Network - Identify resources that helped employees find LGBTQ+ or allied health providers.

Be accountable for results

  • Leadership ERG was intentional in promoting how to thrive during times of uncertainty by hosting a 3-part discussion of the book, “Who Moved my Cheese?” Participants walked away with an understanding of how to use critical thinking and time management skills to navigate crisis management and adapt to a steadily changing environment for continuous improvement.

Recognize and reward outcomes

  • The A.D.M.I.N. ERG collaborated with our safety and human performance organization on employee work and home safety. The ERG created an initiative within our Close Call/Good Catch program to intentionally recognize employee safety accomplishments, leading to an increase in average CC/GC entered per employee, versus the 2021 employee submissions.
  • To thank Entergy’s active and retired military service members, members of the Veterans ERG participated in the pre-game United States flag unfurl at a New Orleans Saints football game.
  • The A.D.M.I.N. ERG collaborated with the safety and human performance organization on a Close Call/Good Catch program initiative, which created an employee spotlight and recognition podcast that highlighted employee safety accomplishments on a bi-monthly basis.

Each of our projects in 2022 resulted in exceptional employee feedback, a greater sense of belonging for employees, more inclusion, customer involvement.