National Electric Highway Coalition
National Electric Highway Coalition Members

The National Electric Highway Coalition currently consists of more than 50 investor-owned electric companies, one electric cooperative, and the Tennessee Valley Authority. Current coalition member companies collectively serve nearly 120 million U.S. electric customers across 47 states and the District of Columbia.

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Key Electric Transportation Facts
More than $3 billion
For EV Programs, Projects

​Electric companies are investing more than $3 billion to deploy charging infrastructure and accelerate electric transportation.

Less than 1/2
Fuel Cost

​EV drivers spend the equivalent of about $1.20 per gallon, based on average residential electric rates.

Nearly 22 Million
EVs On The Road In 2030

EEI estimates that more than 100,000 EV fast charging ports will be needed to support the nearly 22 million EVs projected to be on U.S. roads in 2030.

Leading a Clean Energy Transformation
Nearly 50 EEI member companies already have announced long-term carbon reduction goals, including 35 companies that are targeting net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 or sooner. Select a state to learn more about your electric company’s clean energy commitment and clean energy projects.

Event Highlights
    Event Highlights
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