Electric Transportation
Key Facts
Nearly $3 billion
For EV Programs, Projects
Electric companies are investing nearly $3 billion to deploy charging infrastructure and accelerate electric transportation.​
Less than 1/2
Fuel Cost

EV drivers spend the equivalent of about $1.20 per gallon, based on average residential electric rates.

18.7 Million
EVs On The Road by 2030

EV sales are forecasted to surpass 3.5 million per year by 2030.

EV Trends and Key Issues
  • As of 2020, electric power industry CO2 emissions are 40% below 2005 levels.
  • Carbon dioxide emissions for the electric power sector are now 11% below transportation sector emissions.
  • Driving on electricity eliminates tailpipe emissions and benefits from an increasingly clean energy grid.
  • Today there more than 2 million electric vehicles on U.S. roads.
  • More than 50 EV models are available today and nearly 140 models are expected by 2024.
  • EV share of new car sales has remained stable through 2019 and the first half of 2020 at around 2%.
Leading by Example on Electric Transportation
Across the country, EEI member companies are partnering with communities and stakeholders to support the growth of EVs, while also continuing to build EV charging infrastructure and electrifying their own fleets. To learn more, click on the map to see how electric companies are leading efforts to electrify America's transportation sector.

Company Highlights
  • PGE Drive Change Fund

    ​Summary: Portland General Electric’s (PGE’s) Drive Change Fund supports projects that help electrify transportation in Oregon. As part of its commitment to reduce carbon emissions, PGE is accelerating access to – and adoption of – electric vehicles (EVs) for everyone. Community organizations, nonprofits, and businesses can apply for grants to advance EV adoption, EV charging infrastructure, and/or education in the communities PGE serves. In 2020, $2.3 million was granted to 12 local community-based organizations to expand access to electric transportation for everyone, specifically focused on helping environmental justice communities.

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  • GMP Workplace Charging

    ​Green Mountain Power (GMP) makes it easy for businesses to install electric vehicle chargers. Its Workplace Charging package includes chargers, installation, software, project management, and maintenance for about $35-$50 per month. A GMP energy advisor helps streamlines the process, including helping to secure financial help through the Vermont Economic Development Authority.

  • Duke Energy EV Savings Calculator

    ​Summary: Electric vehicles (EVs) have improved considerably over the past few years and with these improvements, their benefits have grown as well. Not only are they cleaner for the planet and environment, but they help save on fuel and maintenance costs. Today’s models can drive farther on a single charge and have impressive speed and performance. Duke Energy’s EV Savings Calculator allows customers to estimate how much money they will save on fuel costs by switching to an EV.

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  • Con Edison Partnership Provides First-of-its-Kind Electric Bucket Truck

    ​Con Edison and its partners Lion Electric and Posi-Plus are developing the country’s first all-electric bucket truck capable of performing the full range of work that electric companies require from these vehicles. The truck will be unique on American roads when Con Edison takes possession early next year, running entirely on electricity as it lifts lineworkers and equipment as high as 60 feet for construction, maintenance, and repair work.

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  • Electric Companies Team Up to Plan EV Network

    In early March, six major electric companies announced a plan to ensure electric vehicle (EV) drivers have access to a seamless network of charging stations across major highways in the South, Midwest, Gulf, and Central Plains regions. The Electric Highway Coalition – made up of American Electric Power, Dominion Energy, Duke Energy, Entergy Corporation, Southern Company, and the Tennessee Valley Authority – will enable drivers to travel across a broad portion of the country and to recharge their EVs using a network of direct current fast chargers.

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  • SDG&E Adds More Truck, Bus Charging

    ​​San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) has received approval for a major program that will help to electrify large vehicles and industrial equipment by installing charging infrastructure for a minimum of 3,000 plug-in medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles and equipment, including transit buses, school buses, delivery trucks, and forklifts. This initiative also will support the electrification of refrigerated semi-truck trailers, used for transporting perishable goods. SDG&E notes that, in California, heavy-duty vehicles produce more particulate matter than all of the state’s power plants combined.​​ Learn More.​

  • Hawaiian Electric – DC Fast Charging

    Hawaiian Electric Company President and CEO Alan Oshima stands beside his own plug-in Ford Fusion at one of a dozen DC fast charging stations that the Hawaiian Electric Companies own and operate across their service territory on Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii Island. The company recently changed its pricing strategy from a flat rate to a time-varying rate to encourage drivers to charge midday when excess solar power is available. 

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  • Green Mountain Power - In-home Level 2 EV Charger

    Green Mountain Power (GMP) offers a free Level 2 charger for customers buying a new EV. Customers who already have an EV can get a charger for $9.99 per month on their energy bill. These chargers are integrated with GMP’s energy management platform and are dispatched during peak demand times to drive down costs for all customers. Customers who get a charger also can choose a flat rate for all their home charging, too. The “$29.99 EV Unlimited Plan” is a monthly fee that covers all the EV charging customers want, as long as it’s not during a GMP-scheduled peak event. The smart chargers can charge an EV fully in just a few hours and are Wi-Fi connected to allow GMP to manage the charging during these peak events. Learn More​.

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