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October 2019
EEI welcomes two new members - Guyana Power & Light and Polska Grupa Energetyczna
September 2019
Read our 2019 Mid-Year Report
July 2019
EEI welcomes three new members - Bahamas Power and Light, Endeavour Energy, and Manitoba Hydro
June 2019
EEI Interviews President and CEO of NorthWestern Energy Bob Rowe
August 2019
Interview with Electricity Generation Company (Malawi) Ltd CEO William Liabunya
July 2019
Interview with Nova Scotia Power President and CEO Karen Hutt
September 2019
2019 Mid-Year Report
July 2019
EEI International Programs Brochure

EEI membership adds value to strategic corporate initiatives by providing access to an international network of industry expertise, creating opportunities for accelerated learning and knowledge sharing, and elevating the visibility of member company efforts. The International Programs serves more than 65 international members with operations in over 90 countries from all regions around the globe. To learn more, download the International Programs brochure and subscribe to the International Programs monthly newsletter.

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Upcoming Events
November 10 - 12, 2019
EEI Financial Conference
The premier industry gathering of electric company C-suite officers, investors and members of the financial community. Delegates will convene and discuss major issues impacting electric companies, their investors, customers and key stakeholders.
November 12 - 14, 2019
Executive Roundtable on Emerging Technologies
To discuss the applications of emerging technologies for the electric power industry, EEI and GCCIA will co-host an executive roundtable in Dubai.
April 1, 2020
EEI's 5th Annual Global Electrification Forum
EEI International's premier gathering of member company CEOs and senior executives, where guests will have an exclusive opportunity to make industry connections, participate in dialogue, and share insights from across the globe.
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Upcoming Webinars
October 30, 9:00 AM AEDT
Leveraging Data Analytics for the Integration of Distributed Energy Resources
In this webinar, Jemena will share its journey to roll-out smart meters and introduce an advanced analytics platform to better mitigate risks and proactively manage a network wiith growing DERs.
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Photo Gallery
  • EEI's 2019 Global Electrification Forum

    Tom Goodwin, author of Digital Darwinism, delivered the lunch keynote address on industry transformation during EEI's 2019 Global Electrification Forum held on April 10-11, 2019.

  • EEI's 2019 Global Electrification Forum

    The customer solutions panel during EEI's 2019 Global Electrification Forum featured (from L to R): Robert C. Rowe, President and CEO of NorthWestern Energy; Cletus Bertin, Executive Director of CARILEC; Ahmed Ali Al-Ebrahim, CEO of GCCIA; Nicole Faulk, VP Customer Service & Operations for Mississippi Power; Pat O’Doherty, CEO of ESB; and Abel Tella, Director General of APUA​.

  • EEI's 2019 Global Electrification Forum

    Kai Leung, COO of Power Assests Holdings Ltd., and Hao Liu, Director of Markets and Enterprise Planning for AltaLink, participate in discussions during EEI's 2019 Global Electrification Forum.​

  • EEI's 2019 Global Electrification Forum

    ​Karen Hutt, President and CEO of Nova Scotia Power, participates in a CEO roundtable during EEI's 2019 Global Electrification Forum.

  • EEI's 2019 Global Electrification Forum

    ​Participants networking at EEI's 2019 Global Electrification Forum held on April 10-11, 2019.

Thought Leadership
Electric Perspectives
May/June 2019
A Changing Landscape
Jemena Managing Director Frank Tudor
May/June 2018
A Customer-Centric Approach
Nova Scotia Power President and CEO Karen Hutt
May/June 2018
Innovation and Re-Invention of TransAlta's Energy Mix
TransAlta President and CEO Dawn Farrell
May/June 2018
Powering New Zealand's Future
TransPower CEO Alison Andrew
More Articles
August 2019
CEO Video: William Liabunya
CEO of Electricity Generation Company (Malawi) Ltd.
July 2019
CEO Video: Karen Hutt
President and CEO of Nova Scotia Power
June 2019
CEO Video: Bob Rowe
President and CEO of NorthWestern Energy
May 2019
CEO Video: Basil Scarsella
CEO and Director of UK Power Networks
Global Perspectives
December 2018
EEI International Insights: Electric Company Investments in Smarter Energy Infrastructure
Smarter energy infrastructure is the key to delivering the energy future that customers want by enabling electric companies to collect, analyze, and share energy data, as well as monitor and remotely control grid-connected devices and equipment
December 2018
EEI International Insights: Electric Company Commitments to Clean Energy
The Edison Electric Institute’s (EEI’s) U.S. and International member companies are investing in and delivering cleaner energy to their customers across the globe
Global Initiatives

EEI global initiatives are collaborative programs with member companies and partners to accelerate industry innovation and excellence across the globe.

Africa Utility Power Sector Exchange

​Launched in 2017, AUPSE is a senior executive knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer networking platform created to accelerate operational excellence in the African electric power sector.

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Thomas Edison International Utility Executive Fellowship Program
The Fellowship supports the next generation of electric company leaders through professional development opportunities and strategic innovative research projects on emerging electric power industry trends.
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